3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Office 365 Migration

Office 365 is certainly a hot topic these days. And this isn’t just the tech guys perspective. Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest-growing commercial product ever. Leveraging the Microsoft Cloud helps small and medium businesses greatly reduce their need for infrastructure costs. This fact along was a large contributor to the 147% jump year over year Microsoft’s Commercial Cloud business did in revenue the year Office 365 was released. While some companies have already made the switch to Office 365, others remain uncertain about the transition. So, what should you ask yourself before an Office 365 Migration?

Ask-Before-an_Office365-MigrationWhether you are thinking of going hybrid or pushing all in on Office 365, you will undoubtedly run into wrinkles. Here are a few things you should consider as you begin to consider your migration.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before an Office 365 Migration:

Do you Have a Plan for Purchasing your Office Licenses?

For many organizations, the cloud is already a well established infrastructure system within their technology environment. However, if your company is not well established in the cloud, how the cloud is accepted within your company should be a question you ask yourself before an Office 365 migration. Consider whether you want to go fully to the cloud with Office 365, or if you want to take a hybrid approach and leave some items on premise. For more information into how this process works, check out our Interview with Orion Director Yancey Paslay on Common Questions and Answers Around Office 365 Licensing.

Who will Support Deployment?

One of the main questions to ask yourself before an Office 365 Migration is who will do the majority of the work. The answer to this question will largely be determined by your internal IT team’s capabilities. If in-depth Office 365 capabilities are not something you need on a long-term basis, reach out to a certified Microsoft Partner like Orion.

What are the Costs of Maintenance?

Make sure when you are considering all that goes into an Office 365 deployment, you are considering more than the actual installation and migration. One of the questions to ask yourself before an Office 365 migration should be how you plan to maintain the system long-term. For some organizations, it will be perfectly fine to deploy and manage Office 365 in house. However, managed support of Office 365 for some will be the best option. This will provide you with ongoing support without the need to bring those resources in house at a full time salary.


One thing is certain, Office 365 is here to stay. Make sure you plan for how your organization will handle this change. Considering an Office 365 migration and not sure where to start? Contact our experts today!

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