Benefits of Outsourcing IT Procurement

The procurement process is a necessity to business success. In order for you to effectively obtain new technology equipment to keep your business running, you must understand several aspects of the technical and business needs that may not be easy for you to comprehend. Let your managed services partner take care of this process for you and alleviate the need to keep up with the changing procurement needs.


Here are the benefits of outsourcing your IT procurement to your managed services partner:

Your IT partner can act as a Purchasing Agent

Your IT partner is here to help you with guidance and instruction. If you know what you’re looking for, your IT partner can find you options. However, if you are unsure of what to purchase to best fit your requirements, your managed services partner can work with you decide which solution is best for you. This will also help you track purchasing and your IT budget as all of your IT related purchases will go through your provider.

Inventory Management

When you outsource your procurement, your managed services partner will keep track of all of your devices locations and users through inventory management. For example, if you need to know what employee has a certain laptop or a list of what software is being used by what employees, your IT partner can provide that to you. This will help immensely on cutting costs and truing up equipment.

On-boarding and off-boarding employees

This benefit goes hand in hand with tracking equipment. When you outsource your procurement to your IT provider, the on-boarding and off-boarding process will run much smoother. When a new employee is expected to start with your company, a managed services provider who provides IT procurement services will take care of ordering the new computer, setting up all necessary software and accounts, and delivering it to your office in time for the employee’s first day of work. Likewise, when an employee leaves an organization, your managed services provider will take care of wiping the computer and adding it to your list of assets for future use. These processes are set standard with the SLA that is agreed upon with your managed services partner in order to help streamline and regulate the process based on your company’s specific needs.

Warranty Upgrades

Outsourcing your procurement also takes the burden of keeping up with warranty guidelines off your plate. Let your IT Partner worry about maintaining warranties and certifications for all of your devices.

Maintaining Compatibility

In the changing world of technology, compatibility can be cause issues to arise. When needing replacement equipment or upgrades, let your managed services partner guide you in ensuring that you get compatible equipment for your current environment.

Your managed services partner is an extension of your company. Alleviating the burden of your IT needs is what they are here for, and the procurement process is no different. Contact Orion today to discuss possibilities for outsourcing your procurement needs to help your company remain Always On.

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