Tech Tips: Getting Your Gadgets Ready for Summer Vacation

Schools across the country are letting out for summer break, and you know what that means. It’s time for vacation! If you love your technology as much as we do, chances are you (and likely your kids) want to take your devices everywhere. Whether you are using them to post selfies on Twitter (#whodoesnttakeselfies) or take in some reading, your devices don’t love the season and all of its adventures as much as you do. Take some time to prepare your gadgets for the summer before hitting the beach or pool with these tips.

Get_Devices_Ready_for_SummerTips on Getting your Gadgets Ready for Summer Vacation


  1. Watch the Temperature – Extremely warm temperatures can have noticeable effects on your phone’s battery, display screen, and synthetic housing components. Turn off all idle apps, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi as this will reduce the amount of heat that the devices produce on their own.
    1. Tip 1 – If your Device Does Get Overheated– Do not put it in a fridge or freezer. Let it cool gradually. Rushing the cooling process can cause condensation to get trapped on the inside of the devices; which inevitably leads to water damage
    2. Tip 2- Keep Your Devices Separate – While it may be tempting to grab all of your devices and put them in one bag when packing, this can limit how effective the devices own fans are at keeping temperatures in a safe range. It might also be a good idea to clean your fan before and after your trip, to ensure that it is working properly.
  2. Keep Your Devices Protected from Elements- While your current phone case protects your device from dropping it, there is much more you can do to prepare your gadgets for summer vacations that would include water, sand, or dust. From the water perspective, there are tons of cases on the model to support this.
    1. Otterbox, Lifeproof, and RainBallet all make cases that will survive being dropped into a swimming pool.
    2. DryCase offers a great device that can protect your tablet from the elements.  
    3. Unfortunately, there are fewer options out there for protecting laptops, for those of you who just HAVE to work on vacation. However, most laptop skins will be able to protect your device from dust and sand.
  3. Keep Your Devices Clean – No matter how well you prepare your gadgets for summer, some elements of exposure are simply unavoidable. Even if you are using one of the protection devices we described above, your device will likely be the victim of sunscreen, bug spray, and sweat all winding up on its screen and buttons. Keep a pack of celluwipes with you to keep your screen from getting sticky. Click here to learn more about how to clean your computer.


Our Suggestion?

We suggest that if possible leave your devices home, or at least keep them out of the elements. That is simply the best way to ensure their safety.

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