Tips for Calling Your Tech Support Team

Having technical problems can put a glitch in anyone’s day. Whether you are having problems connecting to the internet, the printer isn’t working, or you just cant get your Outlook to work properly, these issues are affecting your productivity (and likely your mood). Calling your tech support team shouldn’t be a factor that adds to your frustration. Here are a few steps to take before you call tech support that will ensure the process goes smoothly so you can get back to your day as quickly as possible.

Tips for Calling Your Tech Support Team

Tips for Calling Your Tech Support Team

1. Make sure that all of your open projects and applications are saved and try to restart the application giving you trouble, or even reboot your machine entirely. This will protect your data, but also help in saving a little time as the representative you speak with will most likely ask if you have already tried to re-start your machine.

If you have already tried and it didn’t help the issue, don’t worry! The tech representative will be able to start troubleshooting for other solutions.

2. Be sure to have a clear description of the errors you are getting or any of the issues you are facing. Some suggestions for doing this are:

  • Taking screen shots of error messages you receive
  • Writing down the error code you are seeing
  • Making note of any specific actions that are causing the problem (“everytime I hit X, Y happens”)

This is a good idea as it will help your tech support team have a very clear understanding of the error you are receiving. Just remember – the more information they have, the more they will be able to help you, and the quicker you can get back to your work day.

2. If you are experiencing an issue that you have contacted your support team about before, try to reference any ticket or identifying number that they have previously given you. This is helpful as they will be able to reference previous information as well as keep accurate documentation of your system.

Your Tech Support Team is there to provide support and guidance for all your IT questions and needs. It is their job to provide superb quality service and assistance in many stressful situations professionals face every day. Following these guidelines will help your Tech Support Team provide this service to you with few disruptions and faster results.

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